March 24, 2017 - Comments Off on Going Beyond the Placement: The New Era of Recruitment

Going Beyond the Placement: The New Era of Recruitment

In response to changing client demand, Milburn Lewis is actively providing market intelligence to clients.

To quote the legendary Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin.” This is even more true today than it was when it was written in 1963. Milburn Lewis has written extensively about the need for change in the recruitment industry, and we have also practiced what we preach.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, recruitment is no longer simply the task of introducing professionals to clients. Rightly, in our opinion, clients now expect more for their money and that has led to a vacuum that Milburn Lewis is happy to fill. Big 4 clients now want unparalleled access to informed and engaged consultants, unbiased counsel on best recruitment practices and accurate market research.

Not every recruitment firm has the talent, ability and, frankly, the desire to provide such a service. We believe that this is a reason Milburn Lewis has been so successful. Unlike many international recruiters, our consultants are experts in their chosen discipline, having spent years developing professional networks and market knowledge. Milburn Lewis also boasts an outstanding research function, which not only assists consultants in identifying exceptional professionals but also has the methodological training to undertake advanced market research projects.

Milburn Lewis is founded on the simple belief that, “good recruitment is all about relationships”. We believe that this is why we have been able to acquire Big 4 clients around the globe. Our desire to go above and beyond our competitors has allowed us to foster those relationships.

It’s a tough time for business. Even the largest companies – including the Big 4 – are recognising that it is a challenging time, with a challenging economy. Our clients engage Milburn Lewis to identify the most skilled professionals for their business. However, they must also be able to attract that talent during the interview process. As a result, we have observed our Big 4 clients becoming increasingly concerned with how the market perceives them.

This is an area in which we are actively assisting our clients. As one of our key clients develops its presence in a non-traditional service line, it is critical for them to understand the perceptions potential employees have of them. Milburn Lewis has been approached to assist with this understanding due to its industry knowledge, research function and desire to undertake such work.

In executing this research project, our senior consultants are utilising their vast networks to identify the most pertinent professionals to this study. Our researchers are applying a mixed-methods approach, utilising their skills in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to ensure our clients have the fullest picture.

Having the ability to provide this service is invaluable to both our clients and candidates. We are able to acquire a fuller and deeper understanding of the markets we are active in, which allows us to provide the best service possible to not only our clients, but also the professionals we speak to every day.

Recruitment firms can no longer afford to provide a narrow service of finding candidates, submitting CVs and hoping it results in a fee. We as an industry must continue to evolve and adapt to the growing needs of our clients. It is only by embracing this change that we are going to maintain the solid relationships that good recruitment is based on.

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