March 15, 2016 - Comments Off on 387 Words On Why You Might Want To Work For Milburn Lewis

387 Words On Why You Might Want To Work For Milburn Lewis

Over the last four and a half years Milburn Lewis has enjoyed remarkable success.   Servicing professional services firms globally, our turnover has doubled year-on-year for each of the last three years.

Our growth been fuelled by our simple dedication to the needs of our clients, complete honesty with all stakeholders and the extensive recruitment expertise of our practitioners.

Having recently moved to new offices in Queen St, Edinburgh to accommodate the ever growing team, we find ourselves needing to respond to market demand yet again.

Our dedicated clients are currently demanding support from us in the fields of Cyber Security, Tax, Audit & Risk Assurance.  We have the expertise and strong relationships to successfully work on these roles.  Where we currently fall short is having enough professional, experienced, internationally minded consultants on hand to deliver the talent to our clients.

A key part of our culture is to allow our consultants to manage their desks as they see fit.  We ask our recruiters to detail their business plans and expected outcomes to us.  The inputs are up to them.  Just so we’re clear, that means we work in a culture with minimal KPI’s and a lot of personal responsibility.  We’ve gone out of our way to hire experienced adults with a professional mind-set.  Our side of the bargain is to treat them that way.

Of course, the roles that our clients need our help with are difficult to fill.  Delivering the best talent in the European (often global) marketplace requires the support of our clever Research team.  The ability of our recruiters to approach and attract the talent and nurture it through often lengthy hiring processes is also critical.  We know these deals take time to conclude.  That’s why we assess individual results on a quarterly basis against an annual target.

Finally, we have a wonderfully generous commission scheme.  At least, this is what our Rec 2 Rec suppliers tell us.  Maybe they say that to all of their clients.  What we can say is that it is simple and rewards our top performers handsomely.

If you think that working with us in Edinburgh is an interesting prospect or this piece has already   motivated you to work with us (or if you’re just curious) drop Paul or me an email as a prelude to a confidential chat.

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